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Stay Safe. Don’t Chase.

Chasing the bus fiesta

Chasing the bus tops the list of things area residents should never do.

You wouldn’t dare forget the Alamo, skimp on Fiesta medals, or deny your Spurs pride. VIA Metropolitan Transit wants you to add chasing the bus to that list of things you would never-do.

VIA remains committed to ensuring the safety of our community and continuing the conversation about safe travel, including the potential dangers associated with chasing a bus.

The safety of our customers, operators and the traveling public remains VIA’s top priority and an active focus of our services, programs and initiatives. Part of our ongoing commitment to safe travel in the region includes providing helpful information to emphasize the importance of safety guidelines.

VIA’s "Don’t Chase the Bus" campaign provides a simple, effective way to communicate a life-saving message: "Stay Safe. Don’t Chase." It incorporates the heart of the region’s cherished heritage and most-beloved traditions, as part of its core messaging.

Ensuring the safety of the traveling public requires a community effort. VIA asks its customers and the community to share the life-saving message. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your family: "There’s always another bus. There’s only one you."

Follow VIA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for rider alerts and service information. Use #DontChaseTheBus and share helpful safety information.

Help spread the message so that chasing the bus becomes something that we, as a community, just don’t do.

Get next-bus arrival information by texting your 5-digit stop number to 52020. Call VIA Customer Service at 210-362-2020 for information about VIA programs and services.

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