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Safe Riding Tips

Here's a handy checklist to help you get there with care.

  • Board only at designated bus stops.

    For passenger and pedestrian safety, VIA operators are not permitted to board passengers outside of designated stops. Tips: Arrive at your bus stop prior to the scheduled arrival time. Stand, raise your arm, or make eye contact as the bus approaches to signal the operator. Do not approach the bus until it is at a full stop and the doors are open.

  • Stand at a safe distance.

    Do not approach a moving bus. Remain at a safe distance from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. Never chase the bus.

    If you miss your intended pick-up time, please wait for the next bus. Do not approach or follow a moving bus. Do not touch the bus or reach for the door if it is pulling away from the stop. Operators are not allowed to board passengers once the bus is in motion.

    Tips: For information about bus scheduled, please refer to a printed schedule, overheard digital displays, or download the Go via VIA app on your smartphone or tablet. You may also visit a Customer Service Center window or call VIA Customer Service at (210) 362-2020.

  • Be ready to board.

    As the bus approaches, verify the route number and final destination on the front of the bus. In the downtown area, the second bus in line at a stop may not make a second stop, unless a rider with a disability is at the second stop location.

  • Be patient. Don’t crowd the doorway.

    Allow passengers to exit the bus before boarding to minimize crowding in the doorways. Allow passengers using wheelchairs to board and exit first. And allow elderly or disabled passengers to use the priority seating at the front of the vehicle.

  • Hold on and Have a Seat.

    Use handrails to steady yourself on the way to your seat.

    Choose your seat quickly and sit.

    Secure your belongings.

    Avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion.

  • Stay behind the yellow line.

    Stay seated whenever possible.

    In the event the bus is full and you must stand, federal law requires passengers to remain behind the yellow line located near the front of the bus aisle.

    Standing in front of the yellow line can obstruct the operator’s view.

    Always hold on to the handrails when standing.

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